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Butiker och service

A modern building- and service company with skilled in many areas. We operate at Kökar and its neighboring islands. Our goal is to always solve the customer's wishes cost-effectively and with good quality and to deliver a complete solution if desired. Our areas are:

Building trade

Building works

Planning / Designing

Electrical installations

Heating, plumbing and solar energy

Rental of machines.


Read more on Kökar services website or visit our building trade located in Österbygge.



Welcome to shop with us - Kökar Skärgårdsbutik!

We are a modern store with a wide selection of groceries, consumer goods and even souvenirs.

The store is open Monday-Saturday during the winter and during the summer every day. For more detailed opening hours and offers, follow us on our facebook page.

Facebook page.

The local post office is located in Karlby. Posten also has a small pharmacy cabinet, and is an agent for the Åland Bank.

At the post office you can withdraw and deposit cash (also SEK) and submit girons to payment service.

Åland Post, Kökar Office:

Tel: +358 18 636773

The post are delivered from the post office at. 13 every weekday.

Please note that Kökar does not have an ATM!

Visit Dan and Ing-Marié at Trångsuds farm from the 1800s. Here you can buy honey that is produced in their hives and beeswax products.


Two thirds of all crops grown in the world today are dependent on pollination and all the world's bees perform a vital work. Now you can make an effort for the environment by becoming a sponsor or buying a share in the hive.

Majliden AB

Majliden ltd is the company that built and owns the grocery store property in Karlby. Majliden has 281 shareholders. Below is a list of shareholders. Please go in and check that your shares are properly inserted ..


In order to update the share register, we need the shareholders' address information.




mailing address



You can send corrections and address the information to us by clicking on the e-mail link below.

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