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Kökars traditional suits

Kökar has two women's traditional suits and two men's suits. None of the costumes is a direct copy of any costume found at Kökar, but they have been designed according to the hearing and with the help of collected fabric samples.

Around 1916, the bright women's costume was composed. An old woman told me that she remembered skirts with "Karkar green" bottom and stripes in red, blue and yellow. One woven up such a fabric and sewed the skirt and body of it. The suit was given a white blouse and a white apron. The skirt bags have a flared embroidery on the side. A green sweater can be used for the costume.

Many people thought the costume was too colorful, so in 1927 a darker costume was compiled. To the skirt and body was woven a fabric with black bottom and stripes in cherry red, yellow, white and moss green. Model of the fabric was an old fabric sample from the mid-1800s. To the apron was woven a whole green semi-fabric. At the bottom of the apron is an embroidery, "Kökar's bridal flower". The same embroidery is used on the skirt and binder. Shoulder scarf in the side or floral muslin cloth worn to the suit. A red sweater is used as an outer garment for the suit.

The pattern-woven aprons, "Kökars rosband", are very special. They are woven in an unusual type of band gate.

The men's suit at Kökar is either the sailor suit with long pants or the knee pants suit. The sweater and pants are black or dark blue. The vest's front pieces are sewn by a narrow-lined hemisphere fabric. The back piece is made of unbleached linen. The socks are blue, gray, or black with red wedge. The shoes are black with pluss and buckles. As a garter, "Kökars rosband" is used. As a headgear you can choose between black felt hat, silk hat, leather case, screen cap or white seam cap.

( Ålands folkdräktsråd/Ålands hembygdsförbund, bygdeserie nr 17)

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