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Hiking trails

The nature trail at Kalen


Kalen is one of Kökar's most beautiful and perhaps most interesting areas. Here you will find magnificent nature, gray mountains, ancient monuments and historical monuments. The hiking trail is laid out so that there are three alternative start and end points, which gives the hiker the opportunity for different long hiking routes. Map is available at the municipal office in Karlby.

The cultural trails on Hamnö


The cultural trails have been laid to pass by the most important remains of Hamnö, while at the same time going through typical Kökar nature.

A trail shows the old church trail church before the current road was built. Then there was a small bridge further west across the narrowest point of the water passage. The bridge was built so that boats could drive forward. From the new bridge, the old church road can be followed, to the 13th century chapel ruin, further across Högberget overlooking the whole of Hamnö, up to medieval grounds and the church. If the bays were open, you came by boat. When the ice was safe, the ecclesiastical walk went by horse or kicking slade. Another hiking trail leading up to the church, continues along Hamnö's western and northern shore. It is 1.5 km long and goes through typical kitchen nature, past Kuttun, beautiful bay towards the sea, through the "Mother stomach" and remains of medieval harbor facility, across the mountains up to the Church. The trails is a collaboration between the Åland Museum Agency, Kökar parish and Kökar Hembygdsförening. Map is available at the municipal office in Karlby.

The hiking trail at Klobbars

Klobbars Guesthouse in Hellsö has marked an approximately 2 km long hiking trail across the gray mountain hills around the guesthouse. Instructions can be obtained from the guesthouse.

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