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Move to Kökar

Are you tired of the city life with all the stress? Are you fed up with traffic jam and with spending hours just getting to work and back? Do you love fishing, perhaps hunting or are you just longing for a life close to the nature  in a clean environment with an amazing arcipelago and wonderful nature. Then Kökar is the right place for you. Moving to Kökar is not restricted in any way. Anybody can move here and everybody is  welcome. Kökar is a small but well functioning municipality, with a surprisingly good basic service for the inhabitants as well as for visitors. Here you will find everything from young to old, as well as a breathtaking archipelago environment with a nature that beats almost anything. Go ahead and change your life!


Kökar elementary school

barnaengen1 (1).jpg
Living at Kökar

Barnängen nursery

The municipality offers a good range of services. There are kindergarten, elementary school, library, elderly care and more. In addition to the municipality's services, there is a newly built grocery store, post office, café and much more. In the summer months there are several cafes, restaurants, guest harbours and other tourism companies which are a major part of Kökar's business community.

Kökar is a perfect place to stay for those who want quality of life and to have more time for yourself and the family. There are also room for new entrepreneurs to settle in Kökar. There is a business association that offers help for new businesses and new entrepreneurs. There are also regularly job opportunity offers.

We in the Kökar Immigrant team will be happy to help you before moving, when moving, and once you've arrived to Kökar. You can follow us on Kökar homepage and our facebook group Kökarforum, to see what is going on.

You are wellcome to send us an email to  kummelbacka (at) to Lotta Eriksson or by phone +3584573427404 to Johannes Jansson.


Sommarängen elderly care

The Kökar immigration team at your service

Kökar's immigration team (KIT) is a selection of people from Kökar with different experiences. We are here to welcome you, answer your questions  and help you out in any way we can. Some of us have are immigrants ourselves so we know pretty well what issues can emerge.


We aim to help you before, during and after the move with the simplest questions and concerns, to the more difficult such as contact with authorities etc. The members of the our team are not employed by the municipality to help immigrants. We are volontaires doing this to to make newcomers feel welcome. The municipality, however, assists us when needed.


Don't hesitate to contact us we're here to help you

Johannes Jansson, +358 (0) 4573427404

Are you interested in joining KIT? Get in touch with us!


Horsklint rental appartments

Build, buy  or rent?

Purchase of real estate property is possible for everyone in planned areas! Currently there are two planned areas close to the sea where anyone can buy land for building houses. Rysskläpp and Björnsnäs. The municipality also has plots in other places for building homes.

Kökar offers also, pleasant rental apartments with 1-4 rooms and kitchens. Most have a sauna and fireplace.


The municipality also has a few plots for construction of private homes. The plots are approximately 2,000 m² in size.. Boat places can be arranged in Karlby and Finnö.. More information is available from the Municipal Office.

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Skärmavbild 2018-08-30 kl. 08.59.42.png

Bjönsnäs living area

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