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S:ta Annas Kyrka

The church of Kökar, situated at Hamnö, is dedicated to Anna, grandmother of Jesus. The current stone church was inaugurated in 1784 and is built on the remnants of the old monastery church. The look of the church has not changed in two hundred years, only the sacristy was added in 1876. Inside, the most important change is the organ loft inaugurated in 1912. The organ was in use until 1992 when the current organ was installed. The old organ can now be seen at the Kökar museum.

Some effects are especially worth mentioning. Several objects were brought from the old wooden church that was in use at the end of the 17th and the beginning of the 18th centuries: a large crucifix, an offering box, the old altarpiece and a pelican hanging over the ornamented pulpit. The current altarpiece is from 1803 and depicts The Last Supper.

The church ship, an ornamented wooden pirate ship with 64 cannons, is also from the old wooden church. According to the legend, the ship is made by Olle from the Johans farm in Karlby, and represents the Turkish pirate ship that in 1733 hijacked the merchant vessel he was sailing. In the chancel, there is the limestone bowl of a baptismal font from the early 13th century. It is said to have been build into the wall of the monastery church.

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