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Birdwatching hot spots at Kökar

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Kökar has for many years been a paradise for bird watchers because you can see a variety of bird species here. We have now made bird watching easier for those who are interested by building six platforms for bird watchers. Most of them are adapted for the disabled so that they are also accessible to people with disabilities. On the platforms there are signs with pictures of the most common birds that move in the area during different seasons. Kökar also have several hiking trails that take you to nice places for bird watching. We have also produced a checklist with over 200 of the most common birds so you can check for the birds you see. The list will be available at most tourist facilities such as hotels, guesthouses and guest harbors. You can also download it here. Bird checklist.

Information about where bird platforms, towers, hiking trails and sights etc. can be found can be found on our Kökar Map

Baltic Wings is a collaborative project between Kökar, Stockholms Ornitologiska Förening, Föreningen Närsholmen på Gotland and Dabas aizsardzibas parvalde in Latvia , funded within the framework of the European Union's Interreg Central Baltic program, Baltic Wings. Also visit our partner site

Show consideration when moving in the woods and on the ground

Everyone is welcome to stay in the woods and on the land at Kökar, but it is important that you behave considerately towards landowners, other people you meet in nature and do not harm animals and nature. At Kökar, almost all land is privately owned, but Åland also has a right of public access that gives everyone the opportunity to move around and stay out in our beautiful nature. You can read more about what applies when you move out in nature here: The Åland right of public access

The bird life at Kökar

The great species richness at Kökar makes bird watching an interesting pleasure both for you who are only generally interested and bird watching professionals. If you click on the seasons below, you can get acquainted with which birds are most common during different seasons.

Fågelplatformar och torn


Find Kökar

There is a ferry connection to Kökar all year round from Korpo, Galtby and Långnäs, Åland. It is always wise to book the ferries in advance, familiarize yourself with the ferries' timetables and book (click on the heading find your way to Kökar for more information)

Taxi and public transport

At Kökar there is a taxi that also takes care of public transport. Public transport should be booked in advance, but it may also be wise to book the taxi in advance. (click on the heading taxi and public transport for more information)

Food and accommodation

You are welcome to Kökar all year round. There are several options for accommodation on the island. Depending on the season you visit Kökar, there are different choices of restaurants and food. (click on the heading Food and accommodation for more information)

Shops and service

Kökar's new food store opened its doors just before midsummer evening 2018. After the old store closed in January, a new building was completed in a very short time. The Kökar residents lined up almost everybody with share capital and some voluntary forces carried out planning and executed the new building.

Kökar now have a modern and well-stocked grocery store with reasonable prices. You can also withdraw smaller amounts at the store if you need cash. At Kökar there is also a DIY store with favorable prices. (Stores and service for more information)

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