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Facts about Kökar


Karlby, Helsö, Österbygge, Finnö, Söderby, Överboda,



Total 2101,1 km² ,whereof land 63,6 km², the rest is

sea area


approximately 240 persons and 130 households




Shipping, trade, tourism, agriculture, fishing, bakery, production of honey  and 



Daily ferry service from Åland mainland and from Galtby 

outside Turku

Kökar is:


  • A group of islands in the outskirts of the archipelago, between Finland and Sweden. You can get here by the daily archipelago ferry services from the Åland mainland and from Galtby outside Turku. 

  • A unique, modern miniature society where you can find a hotel, several guest houses and three guest harbors  In summer time there are several restaurants and cafés, guided boat trips, as well as a fantastic folk  museum and beautiful hiking trails. Although Kökar is a small municipality, there are high-quality childcare, a school, health care and a elderlyhome. There is also a new grocery store, a bakery with a coffee shop, post office with banking services and pharmacy, as well as a library.

  • Historically unique, because of its strategic location next to the natural deepwater fairway  closely west of Kökar. There is also Otterböte Bronze Age settlement from about 1000 BC, ruins of a medieval Franciscan monastery from around 1450, remains of fortifications from the world wars, and Kälskär, with the baron Göran Åkerhielm's fascinating garden plant and constructions.  There are also so many exciting stories! Stories both about people who came here, but also those who lived here for centuries, mainly by the sea: The Kökar inhabitants. In Kökar's folk museum you will find the stories about fishermen, farmers, emigrants, teachers and researchers. 

  • Bursting with beautiful views! Besides the fact that the sea is always close, the variety of smooth red and grey rocks, rocky mountains, lush forests, animal and bird life, together with spectacular weather powers, can make any excursion exciting. The nature and wildlife that Kökar offers is an experience!

Wellcome to Kökar!

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